Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fun Flower Clippies!!!

A friend of mine, Cara (funny we have same name :)), and I learned how to make these "flowers" for the girls hair!  Why do I love much fun!
 Purple for R and E
 Aqua for  R & E
 Pink for R& E
 Candy Corn for R & E and a special friend!
Brown for R

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fun "Crafts"

 Ramsey making a pumpkin seed tree!
 Finished product!

 Elle doing her "work" with pumpkins and tongs!

Her favorite part....eating a pumpkin at the end!
 Finger painting...

Elle's new puzzle she got for her birthday!  Latches, hooks, locks, etc!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Great Wolfe Lodge & Elle's Birthday

The Birthday Girl!  Happy 2nd Birthday Elle Mckenzie Dawson. You brighten everyday with your smile.

 Dora cupcakes from JOJO's Sweet Treat (find her on facebook) were a huge hit with Elle!

 The girls dressed up for dinner and "trick or treating"
 Pumpkin painting was a hit with Elle and Ramsey!
 Ramsey is more meticulous with her "work".
 The cousins (minus Zach)
 Aunt Gretchen posing in Kids Club

 Uncle Robbie and Zach Posing for a picture in Kids Club!
 Uncle Robbie and Aunt Gretchen in their new Home!

 Elle kissing mommy...

 RJ and Brodie in wave pool.
 Preparing to leave the water park!
Bye Bye Great Wolfe!

Candy Corn Flower!!!

Most of you know, I love doing "crafty" things and a friend of mine and I started making these hair flowers.  I really like this one! Now to make a smaller version for Elle, since Ramsey claimed this one!

Elle pouring exercise!

 Elle loves to do pouring exercises "in school" she will do it as long as I keep her water pitcher full!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Curious George...ohh ohh ahh ahh (per Elle)

The Children's Museum introduced  the Curious George exhibit and it was a blast.  Curious George rode in on a old fire engine truck and it so cool for the girls to see!  We came home with a butterfly balloon, bracelets, ate Ben & Jerry's Sorbet, a money face, a crown, a money Christmas ornament and we got to put our hands in paint for the banner!  The girls loved it and Gretchen and I had a blast too!  Now Elle can not put her "ohh ohh ahh ahh" down and holds it day and night!