Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Wizard Of Oz Play

This week we went to a special production of The Wizard Of Oz at the Carolina Theatre.  It was "school day there" and they allowed us to attend to (even though we are not a "public" school). The lady at CTG was awesome in helping me and when we arrived she said are you the Dawson's (to Janet) she said yes yes yes!  Now mind you this was a bit of an ordeal since the parking deck where we were supposed to park was FULL!  So 3 vans of us had to go a few blocks away and park at a different deck...which we did not allow time for!  So Janet was eager because the show started in 3  minutes when we arrived!  they must love our group...they do not give out tickets to school day events you arrive and they seat by school. WE WERE IN THE FRONT ROW!!!  It was great, many scenes took place in the aisles and in between us and the orchestra!  Todo even escaped at one point and Cara saved the day and handed him back to the lion!  Then she saved the day again...when after the show she found a woman who lead us to Dorthy!

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