Monday, January 2, 2012

December Catch up...Disney Trip!

Well, December has been such a whirlwind for us that I am finally having time to post about our trip to Disney!  We had a blast and it was a great experience. I have posted a few of my favorite pics below...I only took 2000+ and then we also had the photo pass cd made (another 400+). Memories, memories, memories. We stayed 7 days and it was worth every second of it!  
 We closed downy he character spot at Epcot the 1st night we were there. They fell in love with Elle and told us to wait a few minutes so that she could see Mikey again and then had her go behind the wall and out they all came. Rare moment to get a picture with them all at once,  Made grandma's day too!
 Elle fell in love with not only Jessie, but Minnie too!
 Ramsey at the Bibbi Boppity Botique...
 Princess breakfast...

 Yes we went to all the "expensive" places to stay and looked at their Christmas decorations and at the Beach Club we went on the the beach!  It was 70-80 degrees the whole time we were there!  YIPEE!
 Belle at breakfast.
 Duffy Bear (the newest Disney addition)
 Elle checking out some fish and taking a rest.
 Jungle Book was entertaining...
 WOW Santa came all the way to Disney for us!
 sweetest thing I have ever seen...but don't be fooled Jessie is her new favorite. Bye bye Dora.
 OK I posted this because after waiting 1.5 hrs to see her you needed to see her too!
 Elle decided to go on out in to the parade and dance with jessie and they allowed her to do it!  But they she did not want them to leave.

 RJ's favorite (Jasmine) :)
 The awesome light show at Magic Kingdom.

 My disney princesses!

Osbourne Family Light Spectacle...this picture doesn't do it any justice. It was awesome. A must see!
We had a blast and will go back in a few years...

I planned our whole trip starting in July, so if you need pointers just ask!

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