Sunday, September 25, 2011

Biltmore House & Justus Orchards

What a wonderful trip to Asheville!  We left on Thursday night drove up late, arrived and then woke up to a rainy day!  What a blessing in disguise. We went for the 10th annual Homeschool festival at the Biltmore House.  I had never been and (as frugal as I tend to be never wanted to spend the money to go), but this was a deal we could not pass up. It was $22/per adult and the kids were FREE!  So we both went for less than one ticket would cost us! Our reservation for the festival was to tour the house in the morning (good thing due to the drizzle) and the Antler Farm festivities in the afternoon. Wouldn't you know that by the time we were done touring the house the rain had cleared and it was a beautiful day, 70 degrees and barely a cloud in the sky!  The kids were a bit restless by the end of the house, but we had a picnic (bagel and turkey for Ramsey, salmon and crackers for Elle, Mommy, and Daddy) at the car and then headed over to Antler Farm for the festivities.
Once we left the farm at 3:45pm, daddy decided we were going to go ahead and drive to Hendersonville and go apple picking. This is what Mommy has wanted to do "for years".  Wow, how fun and what a blessing this was for us to go on a Friday afternoon.  We spent time with the owners, ate cider donuts, hot cider (for me), cold cider (for daddy), and cider slushies for the girls...oh and I got boiled peanuts ... YUMMY!
Here are a few of our pics...

Then off to Justus Orchard we ventured...

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