Friday, September 9, 2011

Virginia Beach 1/2 Marathon 9.4.11

Kim and I left the house about 8am on Saturday to head up to Virginia Beach for the 1/2 marathon, I was so excited I have not done an organized race in a few years since having kids and having something to train for makes a huge difference! We had a great time training together and getting to know each other better!  This was her first race, so I  was trying to prepare her for all the activities once we arrived in VA Beach!  the first thing I said was there will be 21,000 was silent for a moment and she looked at me like I was crazy!  But once we arrived at the Expo she knew I was not kidding. We picked up our race packets and headed to our hotel.  This was awesome, we were ocean front and we opened out doors and took in the scenery. 

 Timing Chip
 I then started laying our my "race day" outfit. This is necessary so that you make sure you did not forget anything. (Kim forgot her hat, but I had an extra :) for her to borrow)
 Official Finishing Time: 2:03:14
average 9:24/mile

I was happy with this given my knee issues I have been having and they did not really bother me during the race. yipee. I was sore after the race on my right legs, I guess I was favoring my knee since my IT band and hip flexors we VERY sore. 
This is from our room, after the race, people are still running on the Boardwalk for a few more hours.

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